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Replaceable Cores

Solid Core for Dryer


Shanghai TIHO Molecular Sieve Co., LTD. manufactures Solid Core Filter Driers used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The products feature higher adsorption of water and acids from the refrigeration system with lower pressure drop. The product surface is very smooth, no loose beads or powders, which guarantees the cleanness of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Solid Core Filter Driers in refrigeration and air conditioning systems have two important functions with regards to moisture adsorption (drying) and dirt retention (filtration).

The drying function constitutes the chemical protection and includes the adsorption of water and acids. Its purpose is to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces and decomposition of the oil and refrigerant, thereby reducing the potential of burnt-out compressor motors.

Refrigerant Compatibility:

Compatible with R-12, R-22, R-134a, R-152a. R-404a, R-407C, R-410A R-502. R-507 etc.


HD-48/HD-100:A solid core of 100% molecular sieve, HD-48HP is specialized in Heat Pump system

D-48/D-100:A solid core of 80% molecular sieve with 20% activated alumina which provides extra acid removal capacity.

WD-48/WD-100: A solid core of 75% MS, 20% activated alumina, 5% activated C, which is special for “Burnt Out” system.